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Autumn is coming and we want to rock it!! Grab your 10% off when subscribing to our newsletter!
Autumn is coming and we want to rock it!! Grab your 10% off when subscribing to our newsletter!

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Welcome to LEU

Light Elegance University picks-up where beauty schools end and delivers a curriculum filled with extensive real-world knowledge

Empowering Education

We’re proud to introduce this exciting overhaul of Light Elegance Education and have designed a program that guarantees the success of LE students in mastering the LE product line, proper technique and shaping for every nail type.

What You'll Learn

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LEU Bachelor Degree now offered with our online platform by LE South Africa

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Why Choose LEU?


LEU provides its students with everything they need to build a client base and grow their salon businesses.

Master LE product knowledge and chemistry, application techniques, natural nail types and finished nail shapes.


LEU Testimonials

Thanks to the information in the LEU Bachelor’s Degree course, I now can do my full sets and fills with Gel in the same amount of time as Acrylic. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, became more comfortable and way more confident in my ability to work with hard gel. Thank you to all you, so much... Light Elegance is the best brand ever with the best team. You guys are so wonderful and fun! I am honored to have the LEU Bachelor’s Degree!


This is a great program, and a wonderful opportunity to really get to know all the different LE products. I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot. The constructive feedback provided by Jayne and Darcy is really amazing. It was detailed and included very helpful tips for improvements but also pointing out what was done well. I feel much more confident after this program. Highly recommended!


Darcy and Jayne were so helpful, they are great teachers, giving constructive and helpful suggestions when I needed it. I am so thankful they were very patient and helpful. Thank you to everyone at Light Elegance , it was a great experience, I'm looking forward to learning more!


I entered the LEU Bachelor's Program realize that their is so much to learn. This program is very informative on the Light Elegance Products. The staff is very helpful. You can perfect skills you may already have and feel more confident executing them. Overall great program.