Light Elegance began in 1999 in Eugene, Oregon. Lezlie McConnell owned and managed an upscale salon and her husband, Jim, was a polymer chemist working with polyurethane systems used in the wood products and transportation industries. Turns out it was a brilliant combination. Jim and Lezlie were always interested in how to make things better for their techs—how can the products they all used day in and day out be better? Safer? Economical? More appealing to clients?

The products that Jim and Lezlie created and tested (and tested) in the salon became popular with both the techs and the clients and the business grew. And grew. They took a risk, made a plan and began creating, manufacturing and selling Light Elegance beyond their own doors. Lezlie sold the salon and Jim left his position as a corporate chemist. And Light Elegance was born.


Here’s what worked then and still works now—Light Elegance nail products are odorless, easy to apply, and have strength and flexibility for full-sets and fills. Light Elegance also offers a wide range of non-yellowing products that can be applied to gels, acrylics, wraps and natural nails.  Lezlie dreams up the colors each season and Jim goes to work making the formulas better than they were last year. It’s as simple—and as difficult—as that.

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Light Elegance South Africa is the sole licensed distributor of LE products, forming part of the Glamourati Beauty Brands portfolio. Glamourati Beauty Brands is owned and managed by Tatiana Macitela.

Tatiana is a business professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations from University of Pretoria.


Vegan and Cruelty Free

Light Elegance is a corporation owned by a family – husband, wife, daughter and son-in-law. We are a lot like you are – we care about where we live and how we treat our environment. We think of ourselves as good stewards of our environment and people.

  • The products we formulate, manufacture and put into packaging are cruelty-free, vegan, and manufactured safely within the USA.
  • We treat our employees fairly and with respect.
  • We follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) when we create and make the items you want to purchase.
  • We welcome visitors who would like to take a tour of our facility. You will find it a place that you would like to work.

This is not a statement that is contrived to satisfy a trend in the world today – it is and always has been a corporate value.